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A child of Little Rock, Arkansas, this photo is of a four year old lil’ fella whose folks called Brian, with his boyhood Beagle-Basset Hound.  Having developed into a sure-fingered shredder in his youth, lil’ Abner would be proud that the loud would calm down to become the Blues Hound, BC Priest! 


Photograph taken in the basement of St. Thomas Church & School in Crystal Lake rehearsing for an 8th grade graduation ceremony, performing as the band United Steal. As the rest of the guys, particularly the singer who is in the uncomfortable position of being plugged into the same amp, wrap up a conversation on how to best-work around the sweet tones off of a fourteen year-old Brian’s fretboard. 


Now a 24 year old young man, Brian is seen here having a pre-show powwow with the band Trigger, at Crystal Lake High School in Northern Illinois. 

If anyone was there, tell BC!


It is May 14, 1980, and Moon is playing their first show at Edgewater. The blue stage lights are cascading down on a young man now known as BC, as he serenades the crowd with an Ovation 12-string guitar.


After arriving, popping out of the back of a limousine, Moon rocked a public show on the 4th of July, 1980. 

MOON showed up in a limo, to a big stage in front of a large crowd.


With a full head of hair, BC is at the height of his days slaying stages with staggering licks . Playing with Moon in 1981, BC is seen here jamming with Danny.


Then with Vengeance, BC shared a stage with Phil Collin of Def Leppard on May 19, 1983 during a packed show at Little John’s in McHenry.


In Johnsburg, Illinois during the summer of 1983 with Vengeance, BC is seen here holding his daughter, Sarah.

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